Sewing Machines

Islamic extremist men believe they earn points in paradise for raping and beating Christian women who don’t believe in Allah. The Christian women of Pakistan are the country’s poorest and most hated citizens. To compensate for their low income, mothers and daughters often work as maids in the homes of the wealthy (a majority within…

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⚡︎ ⚡︎ N᷈o̠ཡ ɱąყ ɬɧɛ ŁØƦÐ ơʄ ℘ɛąƈɛ ɧıɱʂɛƖʄ ɠı۷ɛ ყơų ℘ɛąƈɛ ąɬ ąƖƖ ɬıɱɛʂ ąŋɖ ıŋ ɛ۷ɛཞყ ῳąყ. T᷈ɦɛ ŁØƦÐ ცɛ ῳıɬɧ (ąƖƖ) ơʄ ყơų. #2_ɬɧɛʂʂąƖơŋıąŋʂ_3_16


Whenever you are in a blood covenant with God, whatever is happening to you, it is happening to God. If it has NO RIGHT to God It has NO RIGHT to you Disease and sin have no right to God the Father. You are ONE with him through the blood of Jesus. So apply the…

Hope in Work Ethic

Support those who support those who are learning a strong work ethic. Support them by providing a “hand up” and not just a “hand out.” “Hand outs” are a blessing but “hand ups” are LASTING success FORWARD.Shazia Amir’s work with women


I hear your voice in a song… I see your face in a look… I feel your love in a touch… and I am undone Take my hand and run #inspiration #loverofmysoul #roseofsharon

by the Waterfall

Sitting there next to the Waterfall …Seeing the sunlight bounce like …Diamonds Across the surface …I could imagine for a Moment …that I was in heaven …that I wasn’t in …Pain… Even Now Seeing the diamonds on the surface …Time stands still in a Moment …and I taste heaven …and the diamonds and waterfall tell…