The Late Great Planet Earth

Despite what you may think of the ‘last days’ THIS book is one that got me back to God at the age of 17 in one week along with my King James Bible given to me by my great grandma, the movie Jesus of Nazareth and Easter week. (I was saved at 8 in Honolulu Hawaii and had night visions of walking with Jesus but fell away because of the alcoholism and violence in my family, followed by raids and being told in church that I wasn’t good enough for God). I was all alone again, having run away at 16 to get away from my step dad, when I believed in Him again. The Holy Spirit orchestrated all of it, there in my little apartment, being a dealer of marijuana and speed. I cried for one week straight, remembering Him, with His presence invading my crappy apartment in Old Town, surrounding me with pure LOVE. He delivered me in ONE DAY from wanting and needing to get high to not want to kill myself , and five people got saved because of it. Then later, an angel came and physically saved me when my boyfriend tried to kill me because I would not sleep with him unless he married me. He left fir a few days and came back raving. When he came in the door, I was reading my bible and he picked me up in the easy chair I was in and hurtled me across the room. He was beating me screaming was I praying to my god and as he did this I was pleading with God to save me when suddenly something grabbed him by the back of his neck. He was pulled to a standing position like he was suddenly in a trance, I stared not believing be what I wax seeing and I heard a voice shout “Run’!” I got up from where I was lying and tore out the front door and slammed into my friend’s apartment right next door falling on everyone who were smoking out and playing cards . We then heard my boyfriend screaming like a mad man ” Where did the B*%^#¥ go?!?!” All the people then got up to go calm him down while I ran and hid in the bathroom. Needless to say, I never went back and instead returned to Oregon where my mom lived. The boyfriend was the only one not ‘happy’ for my deliverance from drug addiction. BUT GOD. BUT GOD. BUT GOD

Published by Keys to the Kingdom

Teacher, Encourager, and Friend, dedicated to honoring life.

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