No Man Left Behind

▪️▫️▪️▫️No Man Left Behind ◽️◾️◽️▪️There is a hurtful and divisive mentality going around now in the body of Christ that needs to be addressed and stopped. Remember- we are to be like Christ and this kind of behavior is anything but that!
The ‘darkness’ referred to in your soul has to do with sin and focusing on things that you feed on and that then allow access for the enemy to attack you and your life.  
Getting rid of that darkness means to lose trauma and pain and anger and unforgiveness out of yourself with the help of the Holy Spirit. These dark things get deposited into our soul which is our mind, will and emotions. Many times through memories or thoughts. The Holy Spirit wants us to be free of these things so that we can walk in freedom and can allow the fruit of the Spirit to be exhibited in our lives. If we don’t get rid of this darkness for whatever reason (no condemnation!) we can suffer horribly through our own actions and through the devil who uses it against us. God wants us free from this so He has revealed lately through some that we can be free from this darkness.  
There is a misconception about getting rid of this darkness and that it means you will NEVER suffer! And that if you DO somehow it means you are NOT ruling and reigning and taking authority over the enemy as Christ has told us to do!
Lean not into your own understanding!
DON’T make the mistake to think that you will not still be attacked by the enemy!
We as leaders in the body of Christ do harm to others by feeding into this misconception. Getting rid of darkness from your soul doesn’t mean that you are immune from the attacks of the enemy.
Ruling and reigning and taking authority over the enemy doesn’t mean that he won’t still come at you!
Why would Jesus say to take authority over something you didn’t need to take authority over??
Why would God say that He is in charge of the battle if there isn’t a battle??
Why would God say to put on the full armor of God if you didn’t need it and there wasn’t an attack guaranteed to come??
Why would God say to build your house on the rock if there wasn’t a storm guaranteed to come?
In an effort to maintain this misconception that we ourselves can have that when trouble comes somehow it is because we are not ruling and reigning, we then look at the others around us who might be going through something and we are quick to judge as to why they’re going through various trials and tribulations. Recently I’ve seen this judgment turn nasty and cruel and turn into accusations that those that are in the trials and tribulations are not taking the proper authority and therefore it is their fault that they are going through attacks.
Jesus himself said that we would be persecuted.
Jesus himself said that we would have many trials and tribulations.
But he also said that we would be overcomers through him. 
Remember Joseph’s ‘suffering’!

Remember Esther’s ‘suffering’!

Did not God have a plan?

Does not the Word say that what the enemy meant for evil God meant for good?

Did you think any of that suffering was pleasant?

We need to stop measuring our lives on feeling pleasant circumstances!

Be careful of using your emotions to tell you whether God is with you or not and putting that on other people as well!  
All of this is connected to the age old question of why do we suffer?
We know that we can suffer because of sin. We also know that we can suffer because of someone else’s choices that affect us. We can also suffer from our the consequences of our own bad choices, which can include letting the enemy in advertently by not getting rid of the darkness in our souls and in our lives.  
But ALL of that has the remedy of the cross and the forgiveness and mercy from Jesus Christ who shed his blood for all, no matter who is to blame. There is no condemnation for those who are in Jesus Christ. He will not turn away any who come to him no matter what, even if it is their own sin that has brought them into suffering.
THE suffering I’m referring to here has to do with the kind that will only refine you. The kind that comes from attacks from the enemy specifically because you are His and only His (Jesus). It however is an HONOR to suffer for Christ. And we have this assurance: All things work for the good for them they are called. If you have done everything right and know within your heart that you do not have a guilty conscience, then whatever suffering you’re going through has nothing to do with us being in sin. Then, have trust God that he is in control of even that because he is the one who direct your steps! Once you get a hold of this view, you will then be able to put it on others and vice versa!  
So then, the admonition in this post is this:

Stop judging others when you see them in pain and/or suffering or trials and tribulations. Stop trying to make them feel guilty for that as if they don’t have enough faith (and if they didn’t have enough faith? Are we to judge them for that? Are we not to pray? Certainly it is NOT to heap abuse on them and accuse them of being false!) The reason you are doing this is because you’re not comfortable with that idea yourself and it’s easier to believe that you will be in a ‘bubble world’ on this planet while you are here and anyone else who doesn’t seem to have that ‘bubble world’ must be at fault. Yes, God is here for us but it is through HIS Spirit and not our own strength (or decrees!) that keeps us safe if and when we are safe. We are in partnership with the Holy Spirit and his angels! We can do nothing without Him! As we learn to decree and declare His Holy Word, we must always understand that the power comes from the Holy Spirit and not from us!

Ask yourself this question: 
“For all of those Christian martyrs across the world, some of them horribly killed, beheaded, burnt, and crucified: do you think God didn’t love them or wasn’t there to protect them? Don’t you realize that their reward in eternity is far greater than you can ever imagine because of this? That they were willing to lay down their lives for Him who already laid his life down for them! Yes in the natural it is horrific and we all shrink from it naturally! But precious in the sight of God is the death of his saints! To live is Christ to die is gain! Does God love them less than he loves us here in America who have a lot of this ‘bubble world’ around us? Would you say they were not taking authority over the enemy and that’s what happened to them? No! Of course not!”
Get out of the “Christian camp party mentality” instead take up your sword and be ready to battle! Battle means some amount of pain my friends!
We should adopt the motto of the Marines! “No Man Left Behind!” The Marines don’t attack someone who falls down in battle, do they?! They understand the concept of brotherhood in warfare – we need to adopt this mentality for each other!!!! No more “friendly fire” my friends!!!
We do need to know that we ARE the sons and daughters of God but at the same time we need to remember that Jesus said we would be persecuted for his sake BUT in that he gives us great grace to bear at all!
Death in the end is not a catastrophe for his saints. The word promises that suffering and trials only make us grow stronger if we are leaning on him IN them.
So pray for people rather than condemn.

We are to grieve with those who grieve.

And if we see someone who is suffering from sin we are to pray for them NOT judge them. And if they are suffering because they are being attacked by the enemy? Our job is to lift her brothers up in the battle that we both are in.

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