Sewing Machines

Islamic extremist men believe they earn points in paradise for raping and beating Christian women who don’t believe in Allah. The Christian women of Pakistan are the country’s poorest and most hated citizens. To compensate for their low income, mothers and daughters often work as maids in the homes of the wealthy (a majority within local Islam), where they are sexually harassed and abused.

Because of their faith, Christians are not permitted to apply for high paying jobs and are often compelled to involve their children in child labor, take low paying jobs such as cleaning streets & washrooms, donkey-cart drivers or even sell one of their kidneys.

Christians are the most frequent targets of violence, rape, and torture in Pakistan. Sadly, Islamic extremists abduct, rape, and forcefully convert young Christian girls and women.

In Pakistani Culture, a girl or woman who is raped is considered unacceptable for marriage. The girls are unable to find work because they have been shamed and lack the necessary skills to be more independent for their income.

Many of them try to commit suicide rather than

live in the shadow of this disgrace for their entire life.

Please consider supporting this cause.

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