The Giver

Put him first in all things, always thinking of what he did for you…He gave His life…

He didn’t die so you could have a “cushy life” living in the lap of luxury. IF you are living in luxury it is to GIVE and ONLY to GIVE. GOD IS NOT A HOARDER and neither should we be. He did not send His Son to die for TEMPORAL gain and to be selfish. He died to wash away your sin, to take away YOUR unrighteousness. ALWAYS we need to be cognizant of the fact that we DESERVE DEATH, that we need to take up our cross DAILY, and to show our GRATITUDE by SERVING others in all humility just as JESUS did. A servant is not ABOVE his master. Let’s be a “Giver” like He was.

Let’s get our minds on HIS HEART. If you are not sure what that is, get into the word and ask him INTO ALL of you and ALL of your life. You will not be alone. HE will be your MAIN teacher. You will learn to discern HIS voice from the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Don’t LET ANYONE be your SOURCE of spiritual guidance no matter how ‘anointed’ they may seem, no matter how “big their ministry is,” no matter how many members they have, no matter if they say they have seen JESUS, or even how right they have been. They are ALL wrong in some things- including me. We need to always TEST the spirits, and JUDGE every prophecy. As long as we are still in our earthly bodies, we cannot trust anyone or ourselves. PUT NO CONFIDENCE IN THE FLESH. This is why we will get glorified bodies one day. When we do, ALL sin will be removed from us. We ARE saved, our minds are being saved (renewal of your mind is a constant process), but our bodies (earth suit if you will) cannot be saved. This is why we need to take up our cross DAILY. You can do this with His help.

You Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens You-Even to Take Up Your Cross

Published by Keys to the Kingdom

Teacher, Encourager, and Friend, dedicated to honoring life.

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