What is the “Joy of the Lord?”

Not understanding the “joy of the Lord” can create an imbalance in your life. I’ve seen this when “joy” is put on a pedestal and treated as if it’s a mandate from God. I’ve seen it hurt people in the worst way. Along will come a fellow Christian dealing with some heavy issues in theirContinue reading “What is the “Joy of the Lord?””

Don’t blame yourself for how someone treated you. It’s not your fault. Even if you trusted them. You are not to blame if someone abuses you. Part of the abuse is to make you feel guilty so they can keep controlling you. #gas_lighting #Sexual_harassment #sexism #put_the_blame_where_it_belongs #its_okay_to_walk_away #do_it

Take This Cup From Me

Everyone has a “take-this-cup-from-me” moment. Standing there with those lions (an evil world system you are a part of with no choice of your own) surrounding you, staring you down, wanting to devour you and leave no trace of you behind; being thrown into a furnace (how can people be so evil?) to be burntContinue reading “Take This Cup From Me”

where sin abounds

He will not leave you helpless.He will not forsake you in the darkness that surrounds you. No. He will not because: “Where sin abounds, grace abounds much more.” 〰️Romans 5:20〰️ Don’t think he will “lift his grace from here.” He knows his children. He knows who are truly his. He saved the ones of old,Continue reading “where sin abounds”