The Late Great Planet Earth

Despite what you may think of the ‘last days’ THIS book is one that got me back to God at the age of 17 in one week along with my King James Bible given to me by my great grandma, the movie Jesus of Nazareth and Easter week. (I was saved at 8 in Honolulu Hawaii and had night visions of walking with Jesus but fell away because of the alcoholism and violence in my family, followed by raids and being told in church that I wasn’t good enough for God). I was all alone again, having run away at 16 to get away from my step dad, when I believed in Him again. The Holy Spirit orchestrated all of it, there in my little apartment, being a dealer of marijuana and speed. I cried for one week straight, remembering Him, with His presence invading my crappy apartment in Old Town, surrounding me with pure LOVE. He delivered me in ONE DAY from wanting and needing to get high to not want to kill myself , and five people got saved because of it. Then later, an angel came and physically saved me when my boyfriend tried to kill me because I would not sleep with him unless he married me. He left fir a few days and came back raving. When he came in the door, I was reading my bible and he picked me up in the easy chair I was in and hurtled me across the room. He was beating me screaming was I praying to my god and as he did this I was pleading with God to save me when suddenly something grabbed him by the back of his neck. He was pulled to a standing position like he was suddenly in a trance, I stared not believing be what I wax seeing and I heard a voice shout “Run’!” I got up from where I was lying and tore out the front door and slammed into my friend’s apartment right next door falling on everyone who were smoking out and playing cards . We then heard my boyfriend screaming like a mad man ” Where did the B*%^#¥ go?!?!” All the people then got up to go calm him down while I ran and hid in the bathroom. Needless to say, I never went back and instead returned to Oregon where my mom lived. The boyfriend was the only one not ‘happy’ for my deliverance from drug addiction. BUT GOD. BUT GOD. BUT GOD

Glory Increasing

The Book of Enoch glorifies Christ, our Messiah.

In addressing the “Great Wealth Transfer” that we are so familiar with found in Isaiah 60:1-5, there is another aspect to consider, and that is a different “outpouring.”

Michael Fickess writes about this outpouring in one of his highly researched books: “Paths of Ever-Increasing Glory: What Enoch’s Ancient Writings Reveal about Christ’s Supremacy and our Prophetic Destiny.”

He writes:

“However, we also need to look for an outpouring of the ever-increasing glory and eternal wisdom contained in God’s storehouse in heaven. Enoch describes the vast treasury of glory proceeding from the Lord:

‘For wisdom is poured out like water, and the glory that proceeds from Him will forever expand and increase. For His power is made known through all of the mysteries of righteousness, and unrighteousness will disappear like a shadow, and will no longer be there; because the Chosen One stands before the Lord of Spirits and His glory is ever increasing, and His power is revealed to all generations. And in Him dwells the spirit of wisdom, and the spirit of counsel, and the spirit of understanding and of power, and the spirits of those who have fallen asleep in righteousness., (Enoch 49:1–3.)
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“Although we can witness notable expressions of spiritual power and authority, these things in themselves are not enough. It remains IMPERITAVE for us to receive an impartation from the Holy Spirit to possess eyes and ears open to HIS truth with hearts of understanding. Without that spiritual endowment, we cannot enter the fullness of this promise. Not only do we have an inheritance IN HIM, but HE ALSO HAS AN INHERITANCE IN US. Our spiritual eyes must be expanded to facilitate that union.”
Author: #PaulKeithDavis
Book: #EngagingTheRevelatoryRealmOfHeaven
Emphasis: Kim Schaper
#ChapterThree #pageFortyTwo #Deuteronomy29:4


“They did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” (See Revelation 12:11)

I have been hearing that in my spirit for weeks now….when lo and behold….

At the end of this small, but spiritually “nitroglycerin” packed “book,” we read:

“Martyrdom is not about CHOOSING death. It is about choosing WHO or WHAT we love the most. For this reason, we can live as martyrs EVERY DAY, if we so choose. We can set our AFFECTIONS on CHRIST, while putting every other priority in its proper place beneath our highest and deepest love. This does NOT mean that God does not care about even the smallest detail of our lives. However, restoration can only flood into our lives when we truly make Christ Lord.”

Author: #MichaelFickess
Book: #RestorationOfAllThings
Bold Emphasis: Kim Schaper
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Sound Waves

When God “spoke”, He created sound waves …. When YOU speak, YOU create sound waves… This is ‘energy’- The power of LIFE and DEATH are in the tongue — Speak GOD’s Word over yourselves, over your family, over your workplace, over your city, over your state, over your country, over the world. CREATE these sound waves in your ‘atmosphere’!!! These sound waves “occupy” the area they go into – like ‘energy’ —-By SPEAKING God’s word INTO the atmosphere, you are creating the SOUND OF HEAVEN. ….this then CREATES FAITH which is a SUBSTANCE. It is TIME WE TAKE back what JESUS took back when He took back the Keys of Life and death from the prince of the power of the ‘air’- the enemy has no authority anymore, he knows that but some of YOU DON’T! The enemy does not want you to discover who you really are!!!

It is time to let GOD SHOW UP IN YOU!!! OUT WITH THE OLD- IN WITH THE NEW!!!!!!!

No Room

We all have heard it said there was “NO ROOM” for Him when He came to the world.

It is the same NOW. Make ROOM for Him NOW in your life. NOW is the TIME for HABITATION. YOU are the HOME In which He wants to dwell. Let HIM IN to ALL the ROOMS in your life! MAKE WAY FOR THE KING.
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Walk with God

“The most holy ones who were near Him did not leave by night or withdraw from His presence.”
#MichaelFickess #Enoch #WalkWithGod

“The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.”
#Proverbs4:18 #Bible

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