Walk with God

“The most holy ones who were near Him did not leave by night or withdraw from His presence.”
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“The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.”
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The Restoration of All Things

Read this book by Michael Fickess.  You can find it on MorningStarMinistries.org or Amazon.com.   It will bring you great hope in these dark times.

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“A Prophetic Allegory for the Next
Move of the Spirit”
“However, the water below was a swirling mass of wreckage and sludge, whipped into frenzy by fierce winds. Just like the tree of the prophets, the “ship of refuge” had become a vast conduit of light, power, and glory.”
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A KEY to freedom is UNLOCKING the ANSWER to these questions about IDENTITY:

WHO are YOU?
WHO is the “enemy”?

If you SETTLE. In your mind how GOD really feels about you …..

And you SETTLE in your mind WHAT HE IS really like …..

And you IDENTIFY the “real” enemy in this…

You WILL BE ABLE to let him in to ALL ASPECTS of your life ….

And when you let him in he will ANSWER every need you have and he will ALWAYS be with you.

He wants to show you how to lean on him.

Religion tried to take the place of God in your life – don’t lean on “religion” – lean on GOD.

Include him in everything you do and he will show you how to LIVE and how to LOVE.

Peace be with you.

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